About Us

Hello and welcome to Cockeyed Cider!

We are a multi award-winning craft cider brewery based in deepest, darkest Devon.

At our mill and brewery in the middle of the countryside, we use ancient methods to produce a variety of ciders, ranging from the strictly traditional to the daringly contemporary.

We are passionate about using traditional cider apples to create our craft cider, but we get equally excited about experimenting with other apple varieties and ingredients that we’ve scrumped from the Devon hedgerows. All of this means that you can get cockeyed responsibly, naturally!

Having started quite humbly some years ago, our crafty Devon cider is now being enjoyed across the land, in pubs, bars, homes and back gardens.

Take a look around our online cider shop and if you wish to learn about all things cider, head to the blog section of our site.

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