Crafty Cider, Made in Devon

We make all of our ciders from our mill and brewery in deepest, darkest Devon.

We’re passionate about ancient methods and traditional recipes, but we’re equally passionate about experimenting and using alternative ingredients – as you’ll see…

apple cider vinegar and ingredients

Fruit Cider

Discover our entire range of fruit cider drinks. Including our renowned strawberry cider, delicious mango cider, banana cider, tangy pear cider and unique chilli ginger cider!

Traditional Cider

Looking for uncomplicated traditional cider? We have you covered! Choose from five different apple cider drinks with varying ABVs. Crisp, refreshing and devilishly moreish.

Contact Us

If you have a question for our friendly team, discover our contact details and fire away. Whether you wish to enquire about our cider products, our company or just want to say hello, contact us here.

What Kind of Cider Do You Seek?

We have something for cider lovers of all stripes.

Old-fashioned cloudy scrumpy at an eye-watering 6.9% ABV? Of course we make that.

4% dessert-fruit cider blended with mango? Well, we make that too.

Plus plenty of others.

Buy Our Craft Cider Online

Have a look around our online shop, take your pick and get the goods delivered right to your door!